FOCUS (Friendship for Overseas College & University Students) is a  Christian organization  affiliated with
International Student Ministries Canada (ISMC).

Our Programs
If you are interested in any of our programs or would like more information please contact

Dave & Linda at

Activities  We offer special social events, student outings, as well as celebrating special Canadian cultural events. We hope these events will help you to develop friendships and to make your stay here more meaningful.  NOTE: If a public event or activity is going to involve some teaching or speaking about the Bible and Christianity, the activity announcement will clearly indicate that aspect of the planned program. 
Friendship Partner Program This is a program where we try to introduce international students to Canadian families so that the students can have an opportunity to be in a Canadian home and share each other's cultures. It is also an opportunity for conversational English interaction.
We provide opportunities for Bible study in various formats. These are options we provide as a service to Christians or those who are interested in learning about what Christianity is all about. The ICF (International Christian Fellowship) provides opportunity for weekly group studies of the Bible for those who are interested.  There are also individual one-on-one studies available. These also provides opportunity for conversational English. Internet studies are also available. At no time will students be coerced or pressured to conform to something in which they have no interest nor understanding. There are also internet Bible studies and resources available.

As time and teachers are availability we offer classes for developing English comprehension and conversational skill. This may take the form of special classes or through individuals as the result of the other programs mentioned above.
We welcome students of all religious & cultural backgrounds at the University of Guelph to our programs and  would like to help your stay with us be a pleasurable and successful one. Note: some activities are limited to the numbers that we can provide for.  We will try to find a place for everyone that is interested in our programs.