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We hope that this series of studies will help you come to know God and to understand more fully what it means to be a Christian.

As you go through these lessons, you will be asked some questions. In most cases the answers will be found in the Bible but at times the questions may involve a personal response to what you are learning. Try reading the verses first in a Bible in your own language and then in an English version. Note: these studies are based on the text of the New International Version and the verses may be included in the study or are linked to a Bible on-line. If you would like to follow the Bible verse links, it would be good to "right click" on the Bible verse link and choose open the link in "another window or tab" so that you can quickly go back and forth from the lesson page to the verses.

As you go through these studies, start with the Questions link and try to write down your answers to the questions first. After you have considered your answers, if possible, discuss them with your Bible tutor. When you are finished then click on the Quiz link for the lesson and click on the answers provided to see how you have done and to gain additional information. If you would prefer a printable version of the questions and answers click on the Answer link. For those who are Chinese these lessons have been translated into the simplified script. You can view the pdf files by clicking the Chinese link.    If you need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat, in order to reads these files, you can obtain that from:

Table of Contents

Lesson 1- Find the highest purpose for your life - Acts 17:16-24 Questions Quiz Answer Chinese
Lesson 2 - Man's original relationship with God - Genesis chapters 1 and 2 Questions Quiz Answer Chinese
Lesson 3 - Man's rebellion leads to a broken relationship and death - Genesis 3 Questions Quiz Answer Chinese
Lesson 4 - Finding Hope for a restored relationship with God - Luke 15 Questions Quiz Answer Chinese
Lesson 5 - Understanding the real source of our problem - Mark 7:1-23 Questions Quiz Answer Chinese
Lesson 6  - Appreciate Your Need for Free Reconciliation to God by Jesus - Luke 7:36-50 Questions Quiz Answer Chinese
Lesson 7 - Understanding God's moral standards for mankind - various texts Questions  Quiz Answer Chinese
Lesson 8 - God's solution for us breaking God's standards -  various texts Questions Quiz Answer  Chinese
Lesson 9 - Recognize who Jesus is and how much we need Him - Luke 5:17-26 Questions Quiz Answer Chinese
Lesson 10 - Receiving the God's gift of forgiveness and new life - John 3:1-19 Questions Quiz Answer Chinese
Lesson 11 - Believe and share Jesus' victory over death - various texts Questions Quiz Answer Chinese
Lesson 12 - Summary: Understand basic Bible truths  Summary Lesson Chinese

 If you have any questions about an individual lesson there will be an E-mail address provided for you. We will try to answer your questions. We would also love to receive feedback from you about how the lessons have been a help to you.

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