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Studies in the Bible for Internationals both Believers and Unbelievers

Developed by D Buchner and used in weekly group or individual studies with international students

Note most of these studies below are in a two step format. First there is a study guide with questions and helps to guide you through a personal study of the Bible.  The second part contains the questions with some suggested answer and personal challenges to help clarify your understand of the verses you have been studying. They can also be used to help lead others through the same study of the Bible. Additional studies are added as they are developed for our ongoing weekly group studies during the University semesters.

Introductory Studies

Bible study series based  on the DVD  The Hope - overview course of the Bible (12 studies)

Bible Study Series The Way to Life  -  the good news of Jesus Christ (12 Studies)

Bible Study topics for New Believers - growing strong in your Christian life (12 studies)

Bible Study Series Dealing with Life's Struggles - (underdevelopment)

A Survival Manual for Christians Facing Persecution

Marriage and Family Studies

Studies for returnees on re-entry

Studies in the Old Testament

Genesis (12 studies)

King David (10 studies in 1 & 2 Samuel)

Summary of Old Testament (5 studies)

Old Testament Characters under construction

Studies in the New Testament

Studies in the Gospel of Matthew (15 studies)

Studies in the Gospel of John (23 studies)

Studies in the book of Acts (18 studies)

Studies in the book of Ephesians  (12 studies)

Studies in the book of Philippians (7 studies)

Additional Information related to Christianity

Topical Resources

How can we know the Bible is the Word of God ?

Can I really trust the Bible?

How Can I Understand The Bible?

Do Christians Believe in  Three Gods?

The Trinity

Did Christ really  Rise From The Dead?

Evidence for the resurrection of Jesus from the dead

Why is there suffering in this world ?

How to Identify a Dangerous Religious Group

Plan of Salvation

Relationship   How to be a part of the Family of God  

The Father's Love

Additional resources