Bible Study Opportunity 
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Dave & Linda
FOCUS/ISMC is inter-faith in its service program to all international students and scholars. However, ISMC does exist and operate as a Bible believing organization and therefore holds the Holy Scriptures in high regard. We thus provide internationals with opportunities to learn more about the Bible and Christianity through the following means.
a. To help Internationals who would like to know what the Christian faith is all about.
b. To encourage internationals to grow in their Christian walk and service. 
c.  To provide opportunities for internationals to meet together for Christian encouragement.
d. To provide Christian resources for both current and alumni of Focus Guelph.
e. To help develop and maintain friendships among internationals during the student's time at Guelph and after.
We try to do this through  the following opportunities.

 1. Weekly Bible Studies

This is a weekly time where we meet in a small group to learn together more about what the Bible and Christianity says about our origins, purpose and future. All internationals are welcome to join us, both those who are Christians already or those who are just interested in knowing more about Christianity.
The International Christian Fellowship meets most Friday nights in a home. The fellowship time includes  singing, and depending on the numbers, various Bible studies for those of differing English skills or Bible knowledge.  Desserts and refreshments will be provided.
2. Individual Bible Studies
These studies are for those who would like a more personal Bible tutor or mentor to help the student in their understanding of and growth in Christianity. These studies are dependent on availability of Tutors.
3.  Internet Bible Studies
Most of our studies above include questions and answers sent by E-mail to those interested and have been posted to the internet for study purposes.  Click to view sample study. If you are interested in these internet studies contact us for additional information and index of studies
4.  Group Bible Studies
Additional group Bible studies at other times and locations often are available or can be arranged if so desired.
Note: In all of these studies, we sincerely desire that any discussion of the Christian faith, as taught in the Bible, be done in the natural exchange, discussion, and debate about the personal values and convictions which give purpose and direction in living. At no time will students be coerced or pressured to conform to something in which they have no interest nor understanding.
6.  Church Involvement
We will also try to assist those who would like to find a good church to attend during their stay in Guelph.
5.  Alumni resources
As students leave Guelph, we will try to assist them in getting connect to other Christians, Churches and/or Bible studies in their new location. We also hope that our growing web based studies will be a useful help for those who have moved to other locations.