FOCUS (Friendship for Overseas College & University Students) is a  Christian organization  affiliated with
International Student Ministries Canada (ISMC).
Do you feel lonely, confused or uncertain about our Canadian Culture? Do you miss your family back home? Are you struggling with our language? Studying in a new country brings a number of cultural adjustments. One of the best ways to help with this adjustment is being able to develop Canadian friendships and to spend some time with a Canadian family. This partnership gives you an opportunity to ask question, develop your English skills, learn more about Canadian culture and share your own culture with them.  Note: this is not a home stay program.

Focus/ISMC attempts to link international students from all cultures and religious backgrounds, who are interested in this service, with Canadians in a friendship partner relationship. It is hoped that you will be able to visit in a Canadian home and feel that you are a part of their family. It may not replace your family back home but it should help. To help us with the linking, we ask the students to fill out an information form and we will try to meet with you personally. We will then try to link you up depending on the availability of Canadian families. The linking does not presuppose any obligation on either group. The participants will arrange among themselves the frequency and types of activities based on their schedules and interests. The only intent is to provide opportunity for international students to get to know well a Canadian, or a Canadian family, and vice versa.  The friendship partner may be able to assist in meeting some of the individual needs of students or scholars as well as offering experiences which will help you understand the new culture in which you are living.  For more information and guidelines about what to expect, read the Student Guide to the Friendship Partner Program.

Canadians, who participate in the Friendship Partner Program, are encouraged to try to make contact with their international friends at least once per month. The precise nature of the get-together will be mutually scheduled and structured by the participants in the partnership.
If you would like additional information contact

Dave or 519-824-0536

Friendship Partner Program